Parisian label ​​Fragil Musique returns with a fresh double 12″. The LP is an ensemble of forward-thinking French artists based in Paris, Berlin and London.
The label, run by ​Raphael Fragil ​once again pushes the boundaries of sophisticated electronic music, highlighting established artists and putting new talents on the map.
While the AB side is all about the dancefloor, CD gives a nod towards ambient and experimental realms, featuring the works of ​​Simo Cell,​ ​ ​​Myako​​, ​​Krikor​​ and many more.
Gathering all actively releasing artists on the label, ‘F​ragilistic’​ is what you call a true family affair.


A1. Carlton – Tacchini
A2. Elliot – Therapismania
A3. Bazarov – Tired Entertainer
B1. Elliot – JC Zonker
B2. Jäfar – Rosy
B3. Bazarov – Air Shadoks
C1. Dishmo – N Ice
C2. Dishmo – Contemp
C3. Vidock – Frequence Amazone
C4. Vidock – Asylum
D1. Design Default – Islands
D2. Simo Cell – World3
D3. Bazarov & Thibault Prevost – Mouvements Anonymes
D4. Myako – Blue Magpie
D5. Krikor – The Black Idol Dub
D6. Tite – Zhang

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