Monobox aka Robert Hood’s Molecule album (released in April 2003), remixed by the leading producers of the techno scene. The 4 x 12″ including the first remixes project of Mr Hood’s music is now concluded by the release of the CD bringing all the 12” together. The result is minimal, funky and cosmic !


1. Trade (Pantytec Remix)
2. Molecular Reconstitution (Dr. Frankufen Akenstein Mix)
3. Trade (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)
4. Trade (Matthew Dear Remix)
5. Realm 02 (Ultrakurt Remix)
6. Realm 04 (Sety Remix)
7. Realm 02 (Substance Remix)
8. Renumber (Ben Nevile Remix)
9. The Diamond Age (Nôze Remix)
10. Trade (Monobox Original Mix)

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