Radiq (aka Yoshihiro Hanno) releases his second album “Tomorrow’s Quest”, an album filled with diversity. Radiq has a very strong taste for fine minimalism which mixes here with a very open minded vision of groove. Twelve tracks from melancholic hip hop to a deviant jazz and through a very smart electronic funk. Dressed in a meticulous production, “Tomorrow’s Quest” melts warmth of acoustic and fluidity of electronic. Let’s stop on “Cosmic Swing”, little electronic cruise with discrete voices and vintage keyboards. The lyrics of Black Crom deliver a vision of the world quite angry (“Riot” and “Sage”) which pleasantly and surprisingly match well with the aerial sounds of Radiq. The legend Paul Saint Hilaire (aka Tikiman) is also featuring on two tracks : “Rocker’s Rebel” in an almost “lovers” style and on “The Grass Roots”, an totally unpredictable dub which closes down this album with much elegance.


A1. Riot (feat. Black Crom)
A2. Cosmic Swing
A3. Rip, Rig & Paniq
A4. Voodoo
A5. The Ruler
A6. Rocker’s Rebel (feat. Paul St Hilaire)
B1. The Genetic Code
B2. Sage (feat. Black Crom)
B3. Tomorrow’s Quest part 1
B4. Tomorrow’s Quest part 2
B5. Tomorrow’s Quest part 3
B6. The Grass Roots (feat. Paul St Hilaire)

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